Montedio Yamagata vs Renofa Yamaguchi ~ Over 1.5 ?

MATCH FORECAST Team Montedio Yamagata will receive in his field the team Renofa Yamaguchi as part of the tournament J.League 2. The game that will take place on 2 September at 11:00 AM. MONTEDIO YAMAGATA There are no weak teams today. This proves it Montedio Yamagata. The team has good defense, only - 1.1 goals received per game. When they obviously have a weak attack game, only - 1.3 per match. This is very few. By enhancing the performing of their moments, they can easily rise from their 9 position in the tournament table. RENOFA YAMAGUCHI Renofa Yamaguchi goes in an unclear way in this season. Only 22 place in the tournament table. Also not impressive average of scored and received goals: 2 against 31. The team with its potential can perform better. It needs to improve to fix its situation.

Montedio Yamagata vs Renofa Yamaguchi  ~ Over 1.5 ?
ZU Zukaku pelosi de seer post on 02 September 2020, 08:56 AM
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Match ended not in favor of the tipster

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